SMSCOM SwitchBox 2L All-in-One

SMSCOM SwitchBox 2L All-in-One

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Product Description/Specification

The SMSCOM SwitchBox 2L All-in-One is a complete control unit for lights, heater and ventilators. The SwitchBox 2L All-in-One allows you to control 2 lights of a maximum of 600w each. The added Double Digital Fan Controller makes it possible to control two ventilators of a maximum of 1200w combined.
The operation of the SwitchBox 2L All-in-One is analogue but the control is digital which offers many advantages over controllers without software control. These advantages are the TempProtector that prevents over temperature problems, and a Delayed-StartUp making it possible to switch the lights on one at a time so you never have a peek voltage on ignition.

Light Control: With the Grasslin timer you can automatically or manually, control the lights on/off times.

Double Digital Fan Controller: Controls IN and OUT ventilators. The ventilators will run day and night to maintain a set temperature.

TempProtector: Set a maximum room temperature and one light will switch off if room gets too hot and re-ignite once temperature is corrected.

Heater Control: When lights turn out, a heater can be activated to maintain lights off temperatures.

-Max Load Lights: 2 x 600w
-Max Load Double Fan Controller: 1200w/5 Amp (Split between two sockets)
-Max Load Heater: 2.4kw/16Amp
-Temp. Accuracy: +/- 1 Degree C
-Lamp Restart Delay: 30 minutes
– 5 Year Warranty

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