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A light and well aerated blend of sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and organic growth stimulant. Soil Supreme provides a superior rooting environment allowing young plants to become established at a quicker rate. Unique Fytocell foam is 100%...[Read More]
£11.99 inc. vat
Expect golden results from the golden bag! Based on a secret Dutch recipe, this flagship product is the result of over 20 years continuous development.
£11.99 inc. vat
A light, well aerated soil mix, with enough nutrition for the first week of growth. Use as a potting mix for seeds or cuttings before transplanting into a heavily fertilised soil, or use for the full...[Read More]
£8.45 inc. vat
A medium fertilised mix, with added worm humus to boost nitrogen content and coco fibres to increase the air / water ratio. Atami Bio Soil contains enough fertiliser for the growth stage; just add water and root...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat
For growers looking for maximum control over the nutrient content of their growing media; Special Mix Light offers the airy, open structure of Special Mix, without the added organic and mineral nutrients. Use as a potting mix...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat
he Ata-organics Kilomix ‘all in one’ soil is a heavily fertilised soil enriched with earthworm fertiliser, an organic pre-mix, and a phosphoric rich type of Guano. The well-balanced soil ensures a supply of nutrients spread out...[Read More]
£12.99 inc. vat
No need for growth stage nutrients! Grow Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 3 weeks of growth. Can be used as a potting mix for rooted cuttings before transplanting into a heavily fertilised soil, or...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat
B’Cuzz Hydro Rokz are lightweight, clay pebbles; spherical in shape and identical in size that provide a stable structure and a free draining, well oxygenated root zone. The porous inner core absorbs water and nutrients, releasing them...[Read More]
£13.49 inc. vat