Products: Atami

A medium fertilised mix, with added worm humus to boost nitrogen content and coco fibres to increase the air / water ratio. Atami Bio Soil contains enough fertiliser for the growth stage; just add water and root...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat
B’Cuzz Hydro Rokz are lightweight, clay pebbles; spherical in shape and identical in size that provide a stable structure and a free draining, well oxygenated root zone. The porous inner core absorbs water and nutrients, releasing them...[Read More]
£13.49 inc. vat
he Ata-organics Kilomix ‘all in one’ soil is a heavily fertilised soil enriched with earthworm fertiliser, an organic pre-mix, and a phosphoric rich type of Guano. The well-balanced soil ensures a supply of nutrients spread out...[Read More]
£12.99 inc. vat
A light and airy mix, B’Cuzz coco offers an open structure that promotes rapid root development. Atami use high quality coco substrate that is washed and steamed to ensure that it is free from salt and pathogens...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat
A light and well aerated soil mix, with added perlite for optimum drainage in the root zone. Atami Light Mix contains enough fertiliser for the first 2 weeks of growth. Use as a potting mix for seeds or...[Read More]
£9.99 inc. vat