Products: Plant Magic

A light and well aerated blend of sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and organic growth stimulant. Soil Supreme provides a superior rooting environment allowing young plants to become established at a quicker rate. Unique Fytocell foam is 100%...[Read More]
£11.99 inc. vat
Plant Magic Coco Supreme is a natural growing medium that further complements the existing Plant Magic range - promoting healthy plant growth. The medium undergoes a special buffering and rinsing process which ensures that the coco is...[Read More]
£10.88 inc. vat
Peat Plugs have been around for a while but these ones are different. They contain a wealth of beneficial microbes, are made from a special mix of compost which is handled as gently as possible to...[Read More]
£8.99 inc. vat